Tuesday, 8 January 2013


To my family and friends who already know me,you might be bored. Skip this if necessary :)

The picture above describes my evolution since 1984. I was born on 10 May 1984. I'm not going to tell you a complete biography about myself. You will eventually know as the blog progress.

The blog will be in English (UK) although my mother tongue is Tamil. The complete format can be seen below.

I have always been interested in the following:

1. History
Most people consider this as the most boring subject. I consider it as the mother subject. The subject which gives us a better understanding on why the present world is in its present form. Without knowledge of the past, it will be impossible for us to understand the present. Without understanding the present, we can't prepare ourselves for the future.

2. Ethnology
Ethnology (from the Greek ethnos meaning people, nation, race), is the branch of Anthropology that compares and analyzes the origins, distribution, technology, religion, language, and social structure of the ethnic, racial, and/or national divisions of humanity

In this blog, information which covers caste, clans, races, tribes or ethnics will be posted. To be honest with you people, I didn't know the word Ethnology existed although it has been my interest for many years. Readers are advised to take it educationally as this particular field of study is often sensitive to many.

3. Food
I have three wonderful cooks in my life. My Amma (mother), Mami (mother-in-law) and Vasuge (born 27 October 1984). Mami, Nessamalar @ Gauri (born 17 February 1963) cooks often for us both although she is still employed. Her style of cooking has alot of Sri Lankan influence in it. Vasuge cooks well too. I rank her sphagetti as the best in the planet.

The person who is the main highlight here is the one whose style of cooking made me praise God for giving mankind the ability to cook. It is my Amma, Elaveni (born 17 May 1957). She cooked her first fish kulambu (curry) at the tender age of 8! So the master chef with all her experience has been cooking some of the best dishes during my almost 3 decades of existence.

Appa (father) Dorairaj Thevar  (born 6 March 1950) can cook Mamak Mee Goreng (don't know where he learned).

Perhaps he was inspired by the old Tamil Muslim man who used to cook at Baratha Matha Restaurant, Klang. That old man was a legend. It was he who made the restaurant famous for its mee goreng. It was before the 80s. Appa was a frequent customer of Baratha Matha during his bachelor days.

Apart from home cooked food, I love eating outside. I will write more about it in this blog.

4. My Travels
I am no Marco Polo but I am also not a frog under the coconut shell. It was Appa who instilled the taste for travel in us (including my sis Sharmini, born 25 March 1982). We had many family vacations. Among the best was a 1 month vacation in South India back in December 1996. Travel updates will be posted to this blog.

I will also write about other stuff whenever possible. There won't be much on politics as there are hundreds of blogs dedicated for it. This blog is also not for the purpose of 'bashing' anyone or any organization.

The introduction ends here...
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  1. I still visit Bharata Matha Vilas!

  2. Thanks Poobalan!

    The mee goreng is not so good now. Hope the cook does some improvement. But it is still better than most shops.