Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hanuman, Thoth and Sun Wukong


Most of you would have known about Hanuman, the Monkey God in the epic Ramayana. Hanuman is known for his strength, speed, ability to fly, devotion, friendship, sacrifice and loyalty. He is also known as Anjaneya, the son of Anjana.

The worship of Monkey God exist in other religions too. China has Sun Wukong, Egypt had Thoth. The names are different. But there are alot of similarities in it.

For example, Thoth is a mediator between good and evil just like how Hanuman was for Rama and Ravana. Thoth directs the movement of the heavenly bodies, Hanuman is able to control Shani (Saturn).

Hanuman is known to be playful and prone to creating havoc. He burned the entire Lanka by jumping around after his tail was lit. Sun Wukong wrecked havoc in the Heavenly Kingdom.

There are many more things which can be compared to reveal the similarities.

Sun Wukong
I believe that whether it is about Hanuman, Thoth or Wun Wukong, it is most probably referring to the same character and events. The difference is in the manner it is being told.
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