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CMM & Character Assassination

I was dragged into controversy twice this year. The first one happened in August when someone created a fake ID under my profile name. They then spread false news that I was the admin of the infamous Facebook page The Comedy Machas & Machis a.k.a CMM.

This issue was then settled when I reported it to FB support. They removed the fake profile. But I don't know what they did with this fake Sharmalan Thevar. God knows who commented what with it.

I am not sure why I was framed as the admin of CMM. My blog was also highlighted. It was a time when the original CMM page was about to be closed down. Perhaps someone felt that it was better to put me in trouble and divert the attention of the public.

A relative of mine even called up to inform that people were looking for me as they want to take revenge on CMM admins. They then found out that it was a hoax and I am not involved with CMM.

So I escaped without harm. Vasuge was pregnant at that time. Imagine the fear she would have had in her.

As that issue was settled quickly, I continued with my blogging. As you all know, my blog contains many articles which focuses on Indian history particularly those concerning the various castes or clans we have.

Since it involves the various castes, I have always been careful with my choice of words. This is because caste is a very sensitive issue. Therefore, one has to be very cautious when writing about it. Furthermore, I have to write about castes because it is impossible to separate it from Indian history.

How does one explain the invasion of Thondaimandalam by Athondai Chola without mentioning about the massacre of Kurumba tribes and the resettlement of Vellalars which later created a new identity known as Thondaimandalam Vellalar a.k.a Mudaliars???

Most of you won't even understand what is mentioned above :)

On 27 December this year, while preparing for my daughter's fullmoon celebration, I was alerted by a friend that I was once again dragged into controversy. This time by the admin of CMM itself.

So what did they highlight this time? Well, they targeted my clan group, the Malaysian Mukkulathors and branded me as a caste fanatic.

Firstly, CMM admins or their supporters know nothing about my clan group. Because it is a closed group. I know that someday someone is going to create a baseless issue out of it. This is why the group never functioned as an open public group.

Many do not know that the 500 members of this group are actually related to each other. We come from various families comprising 38 family names. The 38 family names and 500 members are divided among three clans known as the Kallar, Maravar and Agamudayar people. Hence, the terminology Mukkulathor (people of the three clans) is used.

Most of us trace our origins to the districts of Ramanathapuram, Sivagangai, Pudukottai, Tiruvarur and Thanjavur. Alot of us share common ancestors from the same village. This group has been active since 16 October 2009. 

So why should CMM or its supporters feel disturbed when 500 relatives decide to be in a Facebook group? 

The Chinese, Irish, Malays all have their own clan associations. You cannot simply join Persatuan Anak-Anak Bugis Selangor if you are not a Bugis. Similarly, you cannot walk into the Liew Clan Association if you are not one of them.

The same concept is applied for the Malaysian Mukkulathors group and all the other Indian clan association. It is formed purely with the intention of bringing our relatives closer and tracing our roots. 

There are dozens of Indian clan associations in Facebook. The Udayars, Vanniars, Nadars, Vellala Gounder, Pallars all have it. People of the same jathi (clan) are actually relatives. They share common ancestry and there is nothing wrong if they decide to bond with their kinsmen.

Of course, many will not understand this as they don't even know the basics of history.

I am sure many of you heard about Dato Haji Thasleem. He is a nice man who has done alot for the poor. But how many of you are aware that he is also the president of an association known as Malaysia Alagankulam Muslim Jamath?

I am merely showing an example of another organisation which has similar concept although it is non-Hindu and Muslim. Clan and ancestral village matters to some because it is all about their extended family.

One of my blog reader is from the Nagarathar clan. His family has a family office in Pillaiyarpatti. They have a record of their family tree up to 1000 years. One branch of the clan is currently 20,000 big.

Will CMM attack the other Indian clan associations just like how they attacked mine? 

So why did CMM selectively targeted me and my blog only? You ponder upon that by yourself.

The FB group Malaysian Mukkulathors never at any point of time involved itself in activities which could disrupt the harmony in Indian community. On other words, we never "cari pasal" with anyone. 

(Click to read what CMM said about me. View the comments)

It was CMM which started the fight. They claim that it is against humanity and that I was bribed extra 5kg of rice by BN and old clothes by Dato G for being a Thevar. 

Why such cheap statement??

Their followers then went on to pass personal remarks on me. All without reading my blog post properly.

(Click to read what CMM said about my wife. View the comments)

When one of them tagged my wife in their post, my wife responded by stating that people are just throwing their words without investigating.

Someone then took a screenshot of that and mocked my wife in CMM when most of them don't even know her personally. The verbal attacked continued. 

Is this how we foster harmony among Indians in Malaysia?

However, there were a few of them who cared to first check before commenting. Here is an example of a guy who disagreed with CMM on their wall post.

Most of them who commented in CMM and the admin of CMM itself do not understand the complexity of Indian demographics. Many are not even aware of the vast difference we have within our community. Speaking about it is not wrong at all. 

If Indians do not research on their own clan roots, who else will? We cannot expect Edgar Thurston to return from his grave and do another research for us.

How many of you even know that matrilineal system like the one practiced by the Minangkabaus still exist among 18 Tamil clans?

Of course most of you don't know and don't care about it. So why bother commenting about someone who does research on such topics especially when no caste was insulted?

As what one of my blog follower said:

"Indians in pathetic condition because all their judgments are made in emotional basis rather thn rational..without knowing head and tail simply go beserk and unleash hatred..very sad with this kind of chracter assasination."

This guy is actualy right. 

Just because I run a FB group for my relatives in the clan and write in blog about various clans, CMM decided to use this to their advantage and spoil my name. 

As usual, those who commented in CMM never bothered to think about this. They behaved like a herd of sheep which blindly follows the shepherd.

Interestingly, these people also failed to realize that just a few days ago, on 18 December, I wrote an article on inter caste marriage and how it can be practiced in the Indian diaspora. I doubt any caste fanatic will even think of writing an article that promotes inter caste marriage.

To all those CMM fans and admins, if you are unhappy with my blog or my affiliation with my clan, then it is just too bad that I can't do anything to please you. 

I don't see anything wrong to be affiliated with my clan, use my hereditary surname or blog about Indian history. This is my rights and it is actually none of your business.

You have over 17,000 fans. 
A dozen admins.
Yet you are afraid of a group of 500 clan members managed by 1 admin?
You must be a special kind of coward hiding behind Senthil's face.

CMM's decent reply to someone who tried explaining about my blog. This is how they promote unity among Indians.

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