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Bali Trip 2011 - Part 2

The second day at Bali was hectic. We visited most of the places on this day.  I will post it as Part 2 and 3. Here is Part 2 for you :)

Statue of Bhima in Kuta town. Bhima was the 2nd among the 5 Pandava brothers in Mahabaratha. Known for his strength and courage.
The first destination was the silver craft shop. I don't remember the name of the place. Since I do not remember, we will call it as 'Silvershop'.

There were many art shops on our way. It is common to see this in Kuta town. Most of Balinese buildings are constructed from volcanic rocks. These rocks are grey in color. It makes the building look ancient. Don't be surprised, some of these buildings may be a quarter of your age although it looks like it was constructed 500 years ago!

Hindu & Buddhist sculptures for sale
Hindu & Buddhist sculptures for sale
Shrine in one of the houses
Hindu & Buddhist sculptures for sale
Silver ready to be used

The craftsman
The shop

A Silver chariot

Silver ear rings

With the 'local guy'

Vasuge and the Ganesha
The Silver items sold here were quite pricey. The Sarawakian couple told us that they can get better deals back at home.

Painter's House

We then went to a painter's house at Batuan. Batuan is about 28km or 45minutes away from Kuta town. The painters have their own clans. They also live in the same village. The style of painting known as Batuan Painting is said to have originated during the 1930s only.

The painter's house signboard. Note the mini Ganesha.

Batuan style paintings.
It is common to see the shrine of Ganesha at the entrance of every Balinese house. This is at the painter's house.

This is the shrine of the clan deity. The painters offer their worship to him before starting their work.

Other family shrines in the compound.

Paintings displayed in a high rise platform. Such platforms are actually 'mini houses' with rooms.  The Balinese prefer joint family system. Everyone lives in the same house. Each housing compound have several 'mini houses' like this instead of separate rooms. The eldest sibling will live in the 'mini house' with the highest platform.

A painting of Buddha

More paintings

This is the painter's past time. Traditional music.

Pura Tirtha Empul
This 1,000 year old temple was built by the Warmadeva dynasty. It is located in Tampak Siring and it is popular for its water springs. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu deity, Indra. The worship of Indra was very popular during ancient times. It went into decline later. Indra is also known as Vendan in Tamil. 

This is the signboard at the entrance
Tirtha Empul
Water streams from natural springs

I was told that the water contains medicinal qualities. Decided to have some to quench my thirst. It looks as though the guardian is staring at me 'What are you stealing?'
The natural spring

Ancient Siva Lingam. Being a Saivite, I offered my prayers to the Almighty.
Balinese Hindu food offerings.

The Brahmin priest offering holy water to the devotees.

A shrine within the temple complex

The shrine of Indra

Vasuge with her local sisters
With the guardian statue

Koi fish pond

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