Friday, 19 January 2018

Muruga - The God of War

The Ram used to be the Vahana of Muruga before he upgraded it to Peacock. I call it an upgrade because the Peacock can fly ;)

Muruga appeared from the third eye of Siva in the form of a very bright spark. Some say he was transferred by Agni (Fire). Some say he was Agni himself. Hence Muruga is also called as Agnibuh. Like Muruga, Agni also has the Ram as his Vahana.

Qualities like anger, ferociousness, aggressiveness are considered as fiery qualities. Hence it is associated with Agni. There is another word for this. It is called Murka. The Malays still use phrases like "Baginda murka dengan...." when the king is angry or displeased.

Fiery qualities are the hallmark of a warrior. The ancient Greek god of war is Ares. Ares was also known as Mars in the Roman world. Mars is the red planet.

Sunday (Sun), Monday (Moon), Tuesday (Mars), Wednesday (Mercury), Thursday (Jupiter), Friday (Venus), Saturday (Saturn).

Muruga is worshipped on Tuesday, the day of Mars. Muruga is also associated with the colour red like Mars. Hence, he is also called Seyyon and Senthil.

The Tamil calendar begins in mid April (Chitirai) when the Sun enters Aries. Special prayer is also conducted for Muruga during this month. Many pray to Muruga on Puthandu.

Muruga is also the God of War.
This is the connection :)