Monday, 16 June 2014

He Saw His Death Coming

Yama @ Dharmaraja, the Lord of Death on his buffalo.

My maternal grandmother, Visalatchy, once told me a story. It is regarding her great grandfather (her mother's maternal grandfather). His name was Vaiyapuri Pillai.

So the late Vaiyapuri Pillai lived up to around 80 years of age. He was healthy. Like most of my maternal relatives, Vaiyapuri Pillai was also from Thanjavur.

On one evening, the late Vaiyapuri Pillai was having a chat with his wife outside their house. She was sweeping while listening to her husband's words.

Suddenly, he told his wife, "Look! I see a man riding a buffalo. He is coming towards our house!"

His wife turned and saw nothing. There was nobody at the entrance.

What happened the next moment shocked her. Vaiyapuri Pillai fell down and died......just like that!

He saw his death coming. The Hindus and Buddhist believe that death comes in the form of Yama on a buffalo. 

I have heard of many similar stories about death and afterlife. It is interesting to know that certain people are able to see their death coming. 

If you have a story, do share it :)