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My Thoughts on Numerology

Today's world is obsessed with many occult practices. Among the many occult practices that became an obsession is Numerology. I have nothing against occult practices. Some of the practices like Palmistry and Indian Astrology have always kindled the interest in me.

According to Palmistry and Indian Astrology, no two human being will have the same reading. The lines in our palms are unique. Furthermore, Indian Astrology is calculated based on time of birth, place of birth, latitude and longitude. There are also rules to follow if twins were born, making this branch of occult science a very special one.

However, Numerology as what we see today has many flaws. The flaw is not with the numbers, but the system itself.

Numerology is based mainly on ones date of birth. Numbers are taken, added and a reading is done. Alphabets are assigned numerical values and names derived from the combination of alphabets are said to have special values.

This is believed to have the power to decide on fate itself.


(17 January 2013)

A person born on this date will have two numbers. The first being his Birth Number and the second is his Destiny Number.

Birth Number is based on the addition of the first two digit representing the day he was born. In this case, 17. Therefore, 1 + 7 = 8. If the date was 29, then it will be 2 + 9 = 11, 1 + 1 = 2.

The Destiny Number is based on the addition of all digits in the date. 1 + 7 + 0 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 15, 1 + 5 = 6.

We must add the digits until one digit remains.

Now, lets consider the parallel dates of today 12-11-2013 with other calendars apart from the Gregorian Calendar.

Jullian Calendar

Hebrew Calendar

Islamic Calendar
08 -01-1435

Persian Calendar

Chinese Calendar

Tamil Calendar

The Birth Number for today is 3 in the Jullian calendar, 9 in Hebrew, 8 in Islamic, 3 in Persian, 1 in Chinese and 8 in Tamil.

The Jews, Chinese and Tamils have long used their calendar even before the Jullian or the Gregorian calendar were invented.

If you were to compare the other dates (and years), you will notice that the Birth Number and Destiny Number keeps changing.

Some may counter this argument by stating that 3 in Gregorian is equivalent to 8 in another calendar so the readings of each Numerology system will be accurate for its own calendar.

That is not true, the calendars shown above do not necessarily have the same corresponding numbers at all times. Therefore, 3 in Gregorian is not necessarily 8 in Tamil at all times.

For example,12-11-2000 is 22-08-1379 in the Persian Calendar. The Birth Number is 3 Gregorian, 3 Persian in 2013 but 3 Gregorian, 4 Persian in 2000.

The numbers will always change and the readings will of course be different.

I usually hear the argument of pro-Numerology people who state that since we are following the Gregorian Calendar today, we must derive our Numerology system based on this calendar.

First of all, we all have to remind ourselves about the history of calendars. Today, we follow the Gregorian Calendar. This calendar is also known as the Christian Calendar. It was modified from the Jullian Calendar in 1582.

The Indians started using this calendar only after the British invasion. Furthermore, as Western colonial power spread across the globe, various countries started adopting this calendar too.

Say if China and its allies invades the world tomorrow just like what the British did in the past, they will have all the power to change the standard calendar again. 

In fact, a new calendar with a new year can be created anytime to commemorate the victory of the invading nation.

Such thing has happened in the past and it will not be suprising for it to happen again.

Should that happen like it did in the past, will the pro-Numerology people change their system again? If the entire world start using the Chinese calendar, will they still use the Gregorian Calendar to derive their Birth and Destiny Number?


Furthermore, for us Tamil Hindus, all our celebrations and festivals are based on our own Tamil Calendar. We follow the Lunar-Solar system. We even take note of the moon phases.

We only use the Gregorian Calendar for matters which is not related to our religion or culture. But our entire culture and religion is still depending on our own Tamil Calendar.

So why should a Tamil Hindu calculate his Birth or Destiny Number based on Gregorian Calendar? If the reason is mystical, then shouldn't the Tamil Hindus use their own Tamil Calendar to derive their numbers?

Another thing which we have to ponder is people with the same Birth Number or Destiny Number do not necessarily have the same characteristics.

Of course, the Numerologist will show us some samples and say things like "You see, those born on 1st of the month will have very good leadership skills".

Does that mean everyone born on 1st is a natural leader?
Does that mean those born on other days do not have leadership quality?

When a Numerologist list out the characteristics of each number, we just fall for it blindly because we only pay attention to our own number. We need to realise that we actualy have bits and pieces of the characteristics shown in all numbers.

A person with number 5 may only train his mind to focus on the characteristics of number 5 without realising that he may also have characters of 9, 8 or 2. 

The second matter which I would like to highlight here is assigning numerical values to alphabets.

Each alphabet has its own number and this varies according to the Numerology system one follows. Certain people also believe that if the alphabets can be added or reduced in a person's name, it will give a different effect.

SHARMALAN  = 1 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 4 + 1 + 3 + 1 + 5 = 33 = 6

A numerologist will then do his reading based on the number 33 or 6. If he finds it not suitable for my Birth Number or Destiny Number, he will recommend some changes.


Each will give a different numerical value.

Fair enough but no matter how my name is restructured, the pronunciation is still going to be the same. So why does it matter?

To add on, I could even have nicknames among my friends and family. Some might call me with names other than Sharmalan. Does that mean the power changes each time a different name is called?

Another fact we have to consider is the alphabets used are Roman Script. The world has many languages and many scripts. People still use those scripts to write. Assuming that Roman Script alphabets have some mystical power is quite mind blowing.

Our ancestors never used the Roman Script and they definitely did not believe in Numerology based on Roman Script.

I am not against anyone's believes in numbers or luck but I think it is best for the believers of Numerology to reconsider the system they are following. 

As for me, I do not believe in Numerology because I see a lot of flaws in the way the numerical values are calculated and assigned.

To me, simply taking a date from a calendar and assuming it to be my number is something hard to accept especially when we are still using other calendar system in our daily lives.
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