Thursday, 20 March 2014

Hinduism - Keep It Simple

These are the basics for all Hindus to practice.

There are various paths in Hinduism. This can be determined by your choice of Principal Supreme Being. Shaktam, Shaivam, Vaishnavam are the main paths. Each of these paths have their own set of schools. They may differ with each other but all believes in Karma. Choose what suits you best.

There are various scriptures. Vedas are Supreme. We also have Samhitas, Agamas and Tantra. They all have their own doctrines and divisions. There are also scriptures in Tamil such as Thirumurai and Nalayra Divyaprabandam. Accept the scriptures as the source of your religious affiliation. Don't be a language fanatic who throws away certain scriptures as alien scriptures.

Always analyse before deciding. But when you have decided on the path, you need to believe in it wholeheartedly. Do not choose for the sake of choosing. It is better to just be an Atheist who does not believe at all than to be a believer who do not believe fully.

We have many schools within Hinduism. Each with its own do's and don'ts. Sometimes they share a common ground, sometimes they disagree on certain things. Realise that your school of thought may not necessarily be the same as my school of thought. But the path chosen must be based on genuine scriptures, not any blind assumption or opinion.

You must understand the differences within Hinduism. Praying to the Almighty is not the same as praying to a Muniswaran under a tree. The former is God, the later is a Spirit. Shirdi Sai is a Guru, not God. Vallalar is a Guru, not God. There are different types of worship for different purposes. They exist at different levels. Never equate everything as the same because they are not the same. 

Learning about Hinduism is a journey with no end. You will continuously come across new things as you progress. The more you learn, the more you come closer to truth.

Remember that #1 is the core. 
When the core is strong, nothing will go wrong! 
Even the richest Guruji will not be able to con you. 
Even the most influential missionary will not be able to convert you. 

These simple steps are more than good enough. You don't have to become a Guruji yourself or dream of becoming a Siddhar or Rishi.

Just keep it simple and do good!

The Ashta Bhairavas and Mahakala Bhairava. Individual picture taken from Kaga Ashram and later merged as one.

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