Thursday, 10 July 2014

Boycott Israel? Start with Facebook

I noticed that some of Facebook users have recently circulated pictures like the above in Facebook. They have been suggesting that the Malaysian Muslims boycott those companies. 

So no more buka puasa (break fast) in places like McD. No more Nestle products. Forget about Huggies diapers for your babies. 

The list of things to avoid goes on.

Well I respect your choice to criticize Israel. Even I have criticized Israel in the past. I even highlighted why it is not right for Tamil Malaysians to openly support Israel.

Here is the link for my past article

The call for a boycott of Jewish products in Malaysia is just a waste of time because I don't see any use in it. 

To make it worse, some Muslims even asked if I am supporting Israel's action in Gaza because I eat McD. I mean like what the......

It is nothing but an emotional outburst with no real benefit for the Muslim community or the country.

Why do I say this?

Because those who are calling for a boycott are still using Facebook. They are still uploading selfies and enjoying the free service provided by Facebook. 

The creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is a Jew. Zuckerberg appeared in Jerusalem post as the most influential Jew. I am sure he gives money to the state of Israel. Every single rich Jewish company does it. 

To add on, Zuckerberg is an active member of Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity (AEPi). This is a fraternity of Jewish people in America. They are hardcore supporters of Israel.

The younger Zuckerberg.
Zuckerberg and former Israeli PM Shimon Perez.

Zuckerberg and current Israeli PM Netanyahu.

So if you really want to boycott Israel, why still use Facebook? 

As long as you stay in Facebook, you are helping Israel make money. The same money which is being used to bomb Muslim Palestineans.

Probably you should deactivate your account as a sign of protest?

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