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Culavamsa - Some References On The Mukkulathor Community

The history of the Sinhalas of Sri Lanka begins with the arrival of Prince Vijaya from Kalinga. The island's history is recorded in the Dipavamsa, Mahavamsa and Culavamsa.

Prior to the arrival of Vijaya, the Tamils have already established their kingdoms there. Vijaya's marriage to the Tamil princess of the Pandyan kingdom helped him to establish a new Sinhala kingdom in the island. 

Few centuries later, there were battles between the Pandyas, Cholas and the Sinhalas. The Sinhala army occupied parts of southern Tamil Nadu in the 12th century during the time of Parakramabhu I. They were eventually defeated by the Tamils. 

I managed to find some of the names of these places and their chieftains in the Culavamsa. The places are located in present day districts of Madurai, Sivaganga, Tirunelveli and Ramanathapuram. There were great battles involving many people particularly the ancestors of the present day Mukkulathor people.

Kandadevi Swarnamoortheeswarar festival.

One of the places mentioned as ruled by a feudal chief named Kangeya (Gangaiyar/Kangeyar) is Kandadevi. This place is located in the district of Sivagangai near the Devakottai area.

Kangeya divided his domain into 4 Nadus. The Nadus are Unjanai, Semponmari, Thennilai and Eravuseni. The Nadus were ruled by 4 Kallar brothers.

The descendants of these 4 brothers still live in this part of Sivagangai. They are known as Nattar. These Nattars have the right to pull the chariot in the Kandadevi Swarnamoortheeswarar temple festival as they were the ambalams (local rulers).

Another place mentioned in Culavamsa is Anjukottai. This place is located near Tiruvadanai of Ramanathapuram. There is also a branch of Maravar people known as Anjukottai Maravar.

Pudukottai inscription which refers to the Kallar chief as Nadalvar

The Culavamsa also mentioned Mukkulathor family names such as Karambarayar, Madhavarayar, Mundiyarayar, Muvarayar, Kalingarayar, Kallakavelar, Kanasirayar, Thondaiman and many more. 

There were also specific references to the Nadalvars who are also known as Nattar in the present era. Names like Kandiyuru Nadalvar refers to the ancestors of the present day Kandiyar family of the Kallar community. 

It is also stated in this Sri Lankan chronicle that the Kalingarayar, Munayadarayar and Kallakavelar were brother-in-laws of the Thondaiman. The names such as Kallakavelar shows their Kallar origin.

I have included some references from the Culavamsa below.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Would like to know the origins of Malayam.

    I saw in one of your blogs that said Malayalam did not exist 2000 years ago.
    Then what was language being spoken in Kerala.
    If people in Kerala spoke Tamil 2000 years ago, then why is Onam festival not celebrated in Tamil Nadu and did not spread to all Tamil speaking areas of South ??

    Onam is celebrated, only by the Malayalam speaking people and is related to King Mahabali and Vishnu's Vamana avatar. Means this festival was celebrated much before Rama's birth. lets say ~7000 years before.

    So what was the language in Kerala at the time when this Onam festival started ?? Definitely not Tamil because if it was Tamil, then also the current Tamil speaking population in Tamil Nadu and you sir, would be celebrating it,

    So, it means Malayalam did not come out of Tamil.
    Also Malayalam is 80% Sanskrit and its grammar.

  2. We all well know that thirumala temple was built by thondaimaan king when they ruled thondai mandalam (present chennai) t hirupathi was also a part of chennai before separation of state by language. Also thondaiman dynasty still live in pudukottai present kallars. mostly clan deity worshipped as village gods but kallar people only worship trimoorthy (kaliyuga chidhambaram or kaluvan) mayan-di (vishnu) viruman (bramma). Now most of the people think that maya word represent lord shiva but kallar are clear with this they are strong that mayan is Vishnu. We would have heard mayakannan, mayavan. Also I think no tamil people worship bramma as their clan deity if worshipped that also would be in the name of brahma (sanskrit) But kallar people worshipped as viruman, we know well that mostly north indians pronounce V as B. Vijay as bijay. Vangalam as bengal, like virumma as brahma in sankrit. Madurai kallars names like mayandi(mayan) kaluvan(kaliyuga nadhan) virumandi (bramma) these thing we can't usally see in other caste in tamilnad. they use to put god name what we use to call in present day not insight or ancient name of god.