Thursday, 7 January 2016

Matahari - The Eye of Vishnu

Our Sun is known as Matahari in the Malay language. Many Malaysians and Indonesians use this word daily but they don't know its origins.

The Malay people call the eye as Mata. It has the same meaning in Polynesia and the Philipines. 

Hari is a Sanskrit word which means Vishnu. Hari also means a day in the Malay language. There is a Hindu connection.

The Malays have many art form. One of it is the Wayang Wong of Johor. The coming of Vishnu in the form of sunrise is portrayed in the Wayang Wong. I have attached some evidence to show that the Malays equate the Matahari to Vishnu.

Remember this the next time you say Matahari.

Sinkritisme dalam Wayang Wong Johor (Penerbit USM) 
by Mohd Kipli Abdul Rahman

Pengantar Sejarah Kebudayaan Indonesia 2
by R. Soekmon

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