Monday, 8 April 2013

Commercialising Baba

I have not posted anything for a very long time. Blog looks empty and it needs something to jump start. I will soon write about my trip to Turkey and Bulgaria.

Today's post will be on the cult of Shirdi Baba. I have nothing against those who call themselves Baba followers. In fact, I admire these people for their faith. The Shirdi Baba followers believe in seva or service towards the community. They do alot of annathanam (food charity) and other charities.

Nobody knows his real name. He was a holy man revered by both Hindus and Muslims in Shirdi, Maharashta. He is said to have practiced Sufism and lived a simple life. Baba died on 15-10-1918. Many miracles are said to have been performed by him. For example, curing deadly diseases which even the doctors can't cure.

I am not a Baba devotee or a follower but I have alot of respect for this man. He preached tolerance, respect and love. He served everyone irrespective of their caste, status or religion. 

A true Guru.

However, many have deviated from the true teachings of Baba. They have began to equate him to God. See the pictures below.

Baba never desired material life. He never encouraged money to be wasted in this manner. In fact, he would have preferred if the money spent on gold or gigantic statues be used to feed the poor. That serves the real purpose of seva. That was his true teaching.

Baba was a mortal. A human just like us. But he was a remarkable Guru who should be revered.

A Guru is a teacher who guides us throughout our spiritual journey. They are not meant to be portrayed as God. People should know the difference and not over do it.

Perhaps the Baba followers need to rethink about the commercialism of Baba. It is much more important to follow his real teachings than to display your love and devotion in this manner.

Because this is not what he preached.

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