Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Mandailing Tunnel of Bukit Nanas

Yesterday, The Star published an article about the discovery of a tunnel in Bukit Nanas (Pineapple Hill), Kuala Lumpur. A copy of the article can be read at the link below:

This tunnel is said to be dug by the Mandailing people during the Klang War which happened during 1867-1874 AD. Mandailings are an ethnic group related to the Malays and Bataks . They are from Sumatra and they have paternal family names. 

Their family names are known as marga, a Sanskrit word signifying people of same origin. Marriage between two people of the same marga is forbidden. The Marga is their Gothra.

The Klang War involved many different ethnics. Although today they are called as one Malay race in Malaysia, back in the olden days, they divided themselves as Malays, Bugis, Acehnese, Mandailings, Javanese etc. The Klang War also saw the involvement of the Hakkas and Cantonese of the Chinese community.

I wonder if the Indians were involved in this war. Perhaps I should do some research about this war.

Since the tunnel was dug by the Mandailing people, I decided to call it the Mandailing Tunnel. I visited the place today. It was closed so I could not go inside. It is said that the tunnel leads to the Klang River which is just a hundred meters away from the tunnel entrance.

Someone once told me that the Klang River has few underground streams in KL. Perhaps this tunnel is connected to one of those streams which then leads to the main river. 

The archaeological department should conduct some study. Not only on the tunnel but also the Bukit Nanas forest. Perhaps they can find remains of old kampungs and a few tools including weapons used by the Mandailings in the Klang War.

I hope I can someday go inside the tunnel to see it for myself. Here are some pictures which I took this morning.

This place is located right beside Wariseni, near Monorail Bukit Nanas.

Location of the tunnel entrance and the present day nearest access to Klang River

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