Thursday, 17 April 2014

Karpal's Death & Keyboard Warriors

Once again, our Malaysian drama king Zulkifli Nordin is making headlines. The people of the country are currently mourning the death of Karpal Singh. 

A legendary politician, Karpal Singh has gone through many hardship during his political career. All because he believed in justice and upheld the supremacy of our national constitution. 

But we have some in the country who not only lack the basic intelligence a human needs, but also lacks empathy. They choose to attack the deceased Karpal Singh in social media. 

TRANSLATION : In this time of chaos, the PAS government of Kelantan wants to implement Hudud with the help of UMNO. Allah has killed Karpal Singh who was the main opponent of its implementation.

Here is a story which I think people like Zulkifli should learn from....

During the Ramayana war, thousands of enemies were slaughtered. The dead soldiers of Rama and that of his enemy Ravana, were cremated side by side.

Upon seeing this, his loyal brother, Lakshmana, asked Rama 

"How can you cremate the bodies of our enemy soldiers with full honor right beside our own dead soldiers?"

For this Rama responded

"Lakshmana, they were soldiers of Ravana when they were alive. They were our enemies. But upon death they are mere bodies with no affiliation. Isn't it our duty to honor their death?"

Well most probably some will ignore this story because it is a Kafir story told to you by another Kafir like me although elements of this Kafir religion of ours is still used in your daily lives.

Here is another story for you people....

Once, a funeral procession passed by in front of Prophet Muhammad. He stood up in respect for the dead. The deceased was a Jew. As you all know, Muslims and Jews were never in good terms. Yet the Prophet stood up in respect for the humanity of the deceased.

So even when the great Prophet himself is able to be humble, why can't ordinary people do it?

Looks like people like Zulkifli Noordin and like minded ones in our country will never learn. They will never learn from Kafirs like us and they will also never learn from their own people.

The more these politicians comment in such way, the more the Malaysian voters are going to reject them in the next GE. This is like digging a grave for themselves. The leaders of the relevant party should ensure that people like him never stand in election.

The sad mental condition of the keyboard warriors
These keyboard warriors chose to attack Karpal Singh only when the man is dead. They had no guts to do anything when he was alive. It is like school kids scoring brownie points "Ye! Ye! I have hit you now!"

Because they know that they are nothing when compared with the Tiger himself!