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A Tribute to Taraki

Many writers and journalist have been kidnapped, beaten, raped and even assassinated in Sri Lanka. 

It is not difficult to understand who would have done it. When someone goes to the extend of killing them and then classifying it as 'missing', there must be something really fishy about it.

Outspoken Sri Lankan journalist of Sinhalese origin, Lasantha Wickrematunga was assasinated in January 2009. Lasantha wrote shortly before his death and stated that "When finally I am killed, it will be the government that kills me.
A total of 19 journalist were killed in Sri Lanka since 1999. Here is the list of those who perished:

Shoba alias Isaipriya, O'liveechchu
May 18 or 19, 2009, in Mullivaikkal, Sri Lanka

Puniyamoorthy Sathiyamoorthy, freelance
February 12, 2009, in Mullaitheevu district, Sri Lanka

Lasantha Wickramatunga, The Sunday Leader
January 8, 2009, in an area outside Colombo, Sri Lanka

Rashmi Mohamed, Sirasa TV
October 6, 2008, in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Paranirupasingham Devakumar, News 1st
May 28, 2008, in Jaffna, Sri Lanka

Suresh Linbiyo, Voice of Tigers
November 27, 2007, in Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka

T. Tharmalingam, Voice of Tigers
November 27, 2007, in Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka

Isaivizhi Chempiyan, Voice of Tigers
November 27, 2007, in Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka

Selvarajah Rajeewarnam, Uthayan
April 29, 2007, in Jaffna, Sri Lanka

Subash Chandraboas, Nilam
April 16, 2007, in an area near Vavuniya, Sri Lanka

Subramaniyam Sugitharajah, Sudar Oli
January 24, 2006, in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

Relangi Selvarajah, Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corp.
August 12, 2005, in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Dharmaratnam Sivaram, TamilNet and Daily Mirror
April 29, 2005, in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Lanka Jayasundara, Wijeya Publications
December 11, 2004, in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Bala Nadarajah Iyer, Thinamurasu and Thinakaran
August 16, 2004, in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Aiyathurai Nadesan, Virakesari
May 31, 2004, in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

Mylvaganam Nimalarajan, BBC, Virakesari, Ravaya
October 19, 2000, in Jaffna, Sri Lanka

Anura Priyantha, Independent Television Network
December 18, 1999, in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Indika Pathinivasan, Maharaja Television Network
December 18, 1999, in Colombo, Sri Lanka 

In today's blog post, I would highlight about one of them and his works. His name is Dharmaratnam Sivaram, also known to many as Taraki.

Taraki was born on 11 August 1959. He belonged to a prominent upper caste family. Taraki was married to Yogaranjini Poobalan Pillai in 1988. The couple had three children.

He was assassinated by 'you know who' on 28 April 2005. Why? It was all because he spoke the truth about the Tamils and their history. He was not pro government and that one reason alone was more than enough to kill him.

You can Google up more details on Taraki. Honestly, I feel sad whenever I speak or write about him. I feel that the Tamil community lost a great man. A man who was bold and honest.

As a tribute to the late Taraki and his family, I will post the following articles taken from 'ON TAMIL MILITARISM' which he wrote in 1992. It is a bit lengthy but something which must be read by every Tamil individual out there.

I wish to thank Mr.Sachi Sri Kantha for compiling these articles which was initially published by the Lanka Guardian. The electronic copy was originally uploaded to

by Dharmaratnam Sivaram (Taraki) written in 1992

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Tamil Military Castes
Part 3: The Code of Suicide
Part 4: Militarism and Caste in Jaffna
Part 5: The Suppression of Tamil Military Castes
Part 6: Bishop Caldwell and the Tamil Dravidians
Part 7: The Tamil Soldier and the Dravidian Diaspora
Part 8: The Twin Narratives of Tamil Nationalism
Part 9: Bharathy and the Legitimation of Militarism
Part 10: Warrior Sons and Mothers
Part 11: The Legend of Cheran Senguttuvan
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